Drama and Music Theatre - Master of Arts (M.A.)

Sarah Israel

I was lucky enough to begin my studies at the August Everding Theaterakademie when Prof. Zehelein took over the direction of the Academy and the dramaturgy course. With him we students had someone who challenged us to use the Academy with all its advantages and at the same time never leave it alone. This meant that we should always question and criticize it with regard to our needs and try to sound out and exceed its limits so that something new could be created. The Theaterakademie thus became a place of friction for me, which on the one hand made a lot possible for me and on the other hand made me feel uncomfortable with it, because I knew that not everything had to be as it was suggested to me by the bureaucratic apparatus - and that is not small at this Academy either. Since I left the academy, a lot has changed and developed there. I still trace this back to Prof. Zehelein, who always encouraged his students to never be uncritical of themselves or their surroundings in the context of artistic creation. 

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Sarah Israel studied dramaturgy, new German literature and philosophy at the Bayerische Theaterakademie August Everding and the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. In 2009 she was awarded the Marie Zimmermann Fellowship for the promotion of young dramaturges, combined with a stay at the Akademie Schloss Solitude. Since February of the same year she has been working as a dramaturg at Schauspiel Stuttgart. In summer 2012 she ended her employment to teach for four months at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana. Since 2012 she has been developing artistic projects in Chad and Germany with the choreographer and dancer Taigué Ahmed and his organisation Ndam Se Na.
In 2014 she was a dramaturg at the RODEO Festival of the Free Theatre and Dance Scene in Munich, where she was responsible for the development of the programme booklet as well as the conception and organisation of the master class. In October 2014 she led a workshop on documentary theatre at the 9th German Theatre Week of the Goethe Institute in Havana and was also involved in the world premiere of the German-Cuban co-production Der schlechte Geschmack (The Bad Taste) (directors: Moritz Schönegger, Marcos Antonio Diaz), which was invited to the Festival Offene Welt in Ludwigshafen. She is currently working on various international dance and theatre projects, including What about Thai-Lady (AT) with choreographer Thanapol Viruhakul (Bangkok), produced by the Staatstheater Karlsruhe. In summer 2015 she was appointed by the City of Munich as Artistic and Organizational Director and Dramaturge for the festival RODEO 2016.
2014 war sie als Dramaturgin beim RODEO Festival der Freien Theater- und Tanzszene München für die Erarbeitung des Programmheftes sowie die Konzeption und Organisation der Masterclass verantwortlich. Im Oktober 2014 leitete sie bei der 9. Deutschen Theaterwoche des Goethe Institutes in Havanna einen Workshop zum Dokumentartheater und war zudem an der Uraufführung der deutsch-kubanischen Koproduktion Der schlechte Geschmack (Regie: Moritz Schönegger, Marcos Antonio Diaz) beteiligt, die zum Festival Offene Welt in Ludwigshafen eingeladen wurde. Aktuell arbeitet sie an verschiedenen internationalen Tanz- und Theaterprojekten, u.a. an What about Thai-Lady (AT) mit dem Choreografen Thanapol Viruhakul (Bangkok), produziert vom Staatstheater Karlsruhe. In Sommer 2015 wurde Sie von der Stadt München zur Künstlerischen und organisatorischen Leitung sowie als Dramaturgin für das Festival RODEO 2016.