Services and Infrastructure

Competent companies are here to assist you to make sure that your event at the Prinzregententheater is a success. Professional ticket sales, experienced admissions staff and catering for your visitors are organisational aspects that contribute to the smooth running of the event. You will be given competent advice on all questions by the contact persons and of course, our theatre staff will be happy to help you.

Mandy Kreubel and her team are charged with providing catering services for all public events. The Theaterrestaurant Prinzipal opens two hours before the start of the event, for matinees one hour before the start of the event. School performances are exempt from catering. Upon admission to the building, one hour before the start of the event, the counters in the Garden Hall and in the foyer to the right open.

Gastronomy contact information:
Mandy Kreubel, Restaurant Prinzipal, Prinzregentenplatz 12, 81675 Munich, Germany.
Tel: 089/41074826
Fax: 089/41074828
Mobil: 0176/60429461

If the event is a closed event and another company is commissioned to provide catering for the event, it is obligatory to conclude a separate catering permit agreement with the Theaterakademie.
Within the framework of the gastronomic concession agreement, a turnover rent of 12% of the net turnover is agreed between the Theaterakademie and the caterer.


For all events at the Prinzregententheater (Großes Haus and Gartensaal), the presence of an admissions service is mandatory. Bookings are made through the Prinzregententheater, please make offers and arrangements directly with Veranstaltungsdienst Mayr. The commissioning of an alternative service is not possible.

Paul Mayr GmbH & Co, KG
Poccistraße 8
80336 Munich
Phone +49 89 / 74 71 74 - 35
Fax +49 89 / 74 71 74 - 88
Contact person: Alexander Trapcea



For public events, at least 60% of the tickets must be sold to the public via München Ticket or a comparable sales organization. Details regarding sales must be clarified directly with München Ticket or the other sales organization. In case of non-compliance with this regulation, the exclusive tariff will be charged. In order to enable the Theaterakademie to verify compliance with this regulation, the renter shall inform the Theaterakademie immediately after conclusion of the contract through which sales organization(s) the tickets are offered. The Theaterakademie is entitled to request information from the named organization(s) as to how many tickets for the event covered by the contract are offered for public sale there.

Munich Ticket GmbH
P.O. Box 20 14 13
80014 Munich
Organizer Service
Phone 089/54 81 81 87
Fax 089/54 81 81 52



To advertise an event at the Prinzregententheater, you can use our monthly playbill, our website and the advertising spaces in and around the house. 

Monthly schedule of the Prinzregententheater

The Prinzregententheater's playbill is always published four weeks before the beginning of the month in question (e.g. March playbill is published at the beginning of February). Your event (if booked before the editorial deadline) is represented there in the tabular playbill with a short text. Please send all important information (title, performers, short text, ticket prices and sales) in good time to: 

If you are interested in an ad or editorial piece in the monthly playbill, please contact:

Muriel Schadel-Arnou
Staff member Communication

Tel: (089) 2185-2807


All information from the monthly performance schedule is also published on the Prinzregententheater website. Additional information about your event can be placed on the Internet upon delivery of a press release and photos (format jpg, resolution min. 300dpi). Please send this information to:

Billposting and display of advertising material

Your event posters (DIN-A-1 format) can be hung in the Prinzregententheater and in one of the three outdoor display boxes (subway staircase, cab stand and at the Akademietheater). We will also be happy to display your event information in the foyers and at the box office of the Prinzregententheater.

We will make sure that you are well represented - however, there is no right to specific placement. We ask that you refrain from independent display or hanging.

Delivery address: August Everding Theatre Academy, Press Office, Prinzregentenplatz 12, 81675 Munich, Tel: (089) 2185-2808 or 2802

For deliveries, the Prinzregententheater has a parking lot at the rear (entrance via Nigerstraße or Lucile-Grahn Straße) with direct access to the backstage. The Gartensaal can also be accessed from the rear (a loading ramp is available).

Deliveries or longer-term parking and OB vans must please be registered with the technichal director of the Prinzregententheater in good time:

Hannes Neumaier
Stellv. Techn. Direktor, Techn. Leiter Hauptbühne

Theaterakademie August Everding
Prinzregentenplatz 12
81675 München
Telefon +49 (0)89 2185 2871

The Prinzregententheater has an access possibility for deliveries on the rear side (entrance via Nigerstr. or Zumpestr.) with direct access to the backstage. The Gartensaal can also be accessed from the rear (Zumpestr.). Deliveries or OB vans and tour buses must be registered with the technical director of the Prinzregententheater in good time. An organizer parking lot (car, no Sprinter etc.) is available. Access via Zumpestr. There is no parking for transport vehicles.
A visitor parking lot is not available. It is recommended to use public transport.


Prinzregentenplatz 12
81675 München

Since there is unfortunately no visitor parking available, we strongly recommend using public transportation:

  • Subway: Line U4 (direction Arabellapark or direction Westendstraße), stop "Prinzregentenplatz".
  • Bus: City bus 100 Hbf. Nord / Ostbahnhof and Metrobus 54 Münchner Freiheit/ Lorettoplatz, "Prinzregentenplatz" stop

A cab rank is located directly next to the theater in Nigerstraße.

Distance to the theater in each case 50 m.


  • City center 2.5 km
  • Main train station 4 km
  • Mittlerer Ring 1 km
  • Airport 32 km
  • New trade fair 6 km

Please speak to the admissions staff for assistance.

Access to the Great House:

  • Elevator on Niger Street
  • ramp to the main entrance
  • mobile ramp for the step in front of the main entrance
  • Lift to the foyer level in the box office area
  • Space available in auditorium: 4 wheelchair spaces (please reserve)

Access to Akademietheater, Akademiestudio and Opernstudio:

  • Entrance via Zumpestr (at ground level)
  • Lift to foyer area

Parking for people with disabilities (ID required) is available on Nigerstrasse.