International Cooperation and Exchange with Other Universities

This graphic short film visualizes insights into the various international opportunities that are available to students of the Theater Academy:


At the Theatre Academy August Everding, we have a special commitment to exchange and cooperation with international universities. Students have the opportunity to become acquainted not only with different aesthetic traditions, but also with the diversity of international theatre systems and the associated production methods and occupational profiles. For the Theatre Academy, that means initiating and supporting interdisciplinary programme and projects that offer a variety of networking opportunities.

Central to the Academy's international exchange and cooperation is its active membership of the networks ENOA (European Network of Opera Academies), PLETA (Platform of European Theatre Academies) and E:UTSA (Europe: Union of Theatre Schools and Academies). Through close contact with a total of more than 30 partner institutions throughout Europe, students have the opportunity to take part in various workshops and projects, as well as international productions and guest performances abroad.

Since June 2018, the August Everding Theatre Academy has also been a member of the Erasmus+ exchange programme, which enables students and lecturers to spend whole semesters or shorter working stays in countries all around the world. 

The August Everding Theatre Academy is also open to international guests, for example as part of bilateral exchange programs within the three networks ENOA, PLETA and EUTSA or in cooperation with the Gothe Institut.




Constanze Sünwoldt
International Relations
Tel.: 0049 (0)89/2185-2877

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