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Drama and Music Theatre - Master of Arts (M.A.)


The requirements for application to the Master's programme in Dramaturgy are:

  •  a university degree qualifying for a profession or an equivalent degree from Germany or abroad in the fields of directing, acting, singing, theatre studies, musicology, media studies or another related subject (in particular philology, art studies, philosophy, sociology)
  • practical experience in the professional field of dramaturgy, generally lasting at least two months in total

List of documents to be submitted

Further information on the aptitude procedure and the documents to be submitted can be found on the website of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


Aptitude Test Procedure

Applicants take part in a two-stage aptitude test.

The application for the aptitude procedure must be submitted for the following winter semester by April 30th, electronically via an online application portal of the LMU Munich.

Application Deadlines

The study program can only be taken up for the winter semester. The application deadline for the aptitude test for the following winter semester is always 30th of April. Applications must be submitted electronically via the online application portal. The portal is activated one month earlier.
The selection interviews as part of the second application round are expected to take place in May or June. 

Application Fee

There are no application fees for the aptitude procedure.