Professional Profile

Training to become a Musical Performer - Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) / Master of Arts (M.A.)

Musical performance is a complex profession with three main special areas: singing, dancing and acting. The variety and integrative interconnectibility of knowledge of these areas opens up a wide range of professions, which are unmistakably linked with the performer’s individual personality. During the three-year Bachelor’s degree course, basic knowledge is imparted and its application practised for a successful start to a career. The Master’s degree course offers the possibility to gain more in-depth and more complete knowledge. Among the graduates of the Theaterakademie August Everding are many leading soloists in major musical productions, at state and municipal theatres, in summer festivals and touring productions, as well as performers in films and on television, members of schlager, pop and rock bands but also managers in the artistic sector and decision makers in creative teams.