Course to become an actor / actress for the stage, film and television ? Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) / Master of Arts (M.A.)

Genija Rykova

Before I started my studies at the Theatre Academy August Everding I was often advised against becoming an actress - after passing the entrance examination I finally and for the first time had the feeling that someone really believed in me and wanted to go through an intensive work and development process with me full of great pleasure.

Through a lot of encouragement and support I found a very special and new approach to my voice and, based on that, to music during my studies at the Theatre Academy. Today I profit from this very much in my work as an actress.

In addition, through the realistic, honest and enlightening training, my initially transfigured view of the profession of an actress has developed into a pragmatic one. Even if this may sound a bit unromantic, but it helps me now not to let myself be exploited despite all my passion for the profession - unfortunately, this happens far too often in this industry in particular!

Bettina Lieder

For me, the cooperation between the various courses of study is the most important aspect of this training - it offers a realistic insight into the profession.