Die Zukunftskonferenz.

learning for the future

DIE ZUKUNFTSKONFERENZ. Learning for the future

June 15–17, 2022: Theaterakademie August Everding in Munich

Theater does not take place in a vacuum, far removed from social and political developments. Yet theater provides more than just a forum for reacting to current trends. It is a venue to proactively shape and guide our societies. What does the future of theater hold? And what is the role of advanced education in the performing arts? Which questions, challenges and visions should be addressed? How can the next generations of theater professionals be empowered to shape their own future?

Today’s day and age is characterized by profound cultural upheaval. The consequences of climate change, global migration, the advance of anti-democratic tendencies, the growing strength of totalitarian regimes as well as the digital revolution have led to deep existential uncertainties and the perception that our social reality now finds itself mired in deep crisis. The pandemic has served to amplify our concerns and show that for some time now, we have been caught in a systemic crisis that conventional policies cannot overcome. So where do we go from here?

From June 15 to 17, 2022, we as cultural and theater professionals want to envision alternative futures together with international students and teachers. Instead of reproducing the same dystopian scenarios, we want to explore together opportunities for utopias and consider opening up spaces of possibility and harnessing creative potential. 

Our dialog during the conference will primarily take place through Open Tables. In these open discussion formats, students and experts are invited to share their experiences and look towards the future. Visitors are free to participate directly in the discussions at any time. In addition, Table Talks offer the opportunity to enter into direct exchange with artists who are already working on alternative ideas in manageable discussion groups. The discussion formats will be complemented by the Speculative Thinking series, an ideas exchange in which experts from related disciplines present their vision for 2040 via speed talks. In addition to the discussion events, numerous workshops and crash courses will take place. Artistic presentations, concerts and parties complete the program.

The agenda will be completed with all participants by mid-April. 

Registration begins on April 11, 2022. Participation is free of charge. 
Individual events will take place in English or will be interpreted simultaneously.