Culture Criticism Course

Culture Criticism Course

The supplementary course in Theatre, Film and Television Criticism at the Theaterakademie August Everding in cooperation with the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München was first held in the Winter Semester of 1997/98. It is taught by Professor C. Bernd Sucher. 
The aim of this supplementary course is to provide theoretical and practical training for future culture journalists to a greater extent than what is offered by schools of journalism, universities and other institutes of higher education, which all can give only marginal attention to cultural journalism.


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The final examination consists of a term paper and an oral examination. The grade also includes an assessment of the quality of candidates' involvement in the Academy's culture newspaper, which is produced regularly by the students. 

The course concludes with a graded certificate.

Cooperation Partners

The course in Culture Criticism is part of the cooperation between the Theaterakademie August Everding and the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München. 



Statement by the Director of Studies

Professor C. Bernd Sucher, Director of supplementary course in Theatre, Film and Television Criticism

A good culture journalist has to be educated, and needs to be able to make a precise analysis and to formulate in an expressive, intelligent and witty way. These abilities are honed in intensive training during this two-year course – in all media genres. That guarantees that alumni will succeed in a difficult vocational field that is currently undergoing extremely dynamic change.